About Us

The Commission exists to promote action and reflection on peace and social justice in parishes and schools, in the light of the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching.

The aim of the Commission is for justice and peace activity to be part of the core of the Church’s work throughout the Diocese of Westminster and to be perceived to be so by Catholics and non-Catholics alike.

The Commission will support the congregations, priests and bishops of the diocese in developing awareness of and ensuring engagement with and commitment to justice and peace as an integral part of the life of the Church and its living out of Gospel/Kingdom values.

Justice and peace issues may be local, national or international.

Accordingly, the Westminster Justice and Peace Commission will:

  • Be a visible sign for justice and peace in the diocese.
  • Facilitate the creation of parish Justice & Peace groups.
  • Identify and raise awareness of injustice and its root causes, including recognition of structural injustice.
  • Promote justice and peace spirituality.
  • Advise the cardinal and bishops on justice and peace issues.

We invite and encourage prayer, reflection and action on issues of:

  • Care for Creation
  • Climate Justice
  • Racial Justice
  • Housing and Homelessness
  • Refugees and Migrants
  • Ending Poverty
  • Human Dignity and Respect
  • Trade Justice
  • Peace

Visit the Contact Us page for more details of the current members of the Westminster Justice & Peace Commission