About Us

Commission Mission Statement

“The Commission exists to promote action and reflection on peace and social justice in the Diocese of Westminster, in the light of the Gospel and Catholic Social Teaching.” (Westminster Yearbook 2022, p38)

Justice and peace issues may be local, national or international.

Accordingly, the Westminster Justice and Peace Commission will:

  • Be a visible sign of justice and peace in the Diocese.
  • Facilitate parishes, schools and individuals to form groups and networks for reflection and action on peace and justice.
  • Identify and raise awareness of injustice and its root causes, including structural injustice.
  • Promote justice and peace spirituality.
  • Dialogue and discern with the Cardinal and Bishops on justice and peace matters. 

Member of the Commission

The Commission is comprised of up to 12-15 members. Membership falls into 3 groups: 

Group 1: Members by Appointment

  • 1.  The Chair (accountable to Bishop)
  • 2.  The Coordinator (accountable to Chair)
  • 3.  CAFOD Westminster staff member
  • 4.  CARITAS Westminster staff member

Group 2: Episcopal Area Representatives

Five members should be appointed to represent the five different geographical areas of the Diocese. These should be appointed by the Chair following an application process.

  • 1.   Representative for West London (nominated by the West London Network)
  • 2.   Representative for East London
  • 3.   Representative for Central London
  • 4.   Representative for North London
  • 5.   Representative for Hertfordshire

These representatives serve the two-way function of informing the Commission of local concerns and relaying Justice & Peace Diocesan agendas back to their Parishes and Networks. Members serve for a term of three years. 

Group 3 : Additional Commission Members

A further 3-6 people to provide expertise and wisdom to the work of the Commission, who would also be able to provide time, energy and, where helpful, leadership on sub-committees and working groups. Members are expected to demonstrate existing commitment to the priority areas and a capacity for multi-agency networking. Members serve for a term of three years.

Members are committed to working in ecumenical & interfaith partnerships and with all people of good will.  They are expected to have a demonstrable knowledge in one or more of these areas:

  • Environment & Climate Justice
  • Fairtrade & Ethical Investment
  • Refugees & Migrants
  • Peace & Ending the Arms Trade
  • Israel & Palestine
  • Housing & Homelessness
  • Education, Youth and Formation
  • Work, Unemployment & Poverty
  • Equality, Inclusion and Racial Justice
  • Human Rights
  • Beginning & End of Life
  • International Development

Visit the Contact Us page for more details of the current members of the Westminster Justice & Peace Commission

The work of the Commission is supported by Justice and Peace Parish Contacts who provide a link between their parishes and the Commission.

Visit the Parish Contacts page for more details on the role and a list of parishes with named contacts.