UN Global Ceasefire

UN Global Ceasefire

The UN Global Ceasefire is an ongoing petition to put a ‘pause’ on current conflicts in the mid of a pandemic and humanitarian crisis (E.g. Middle Eastern conflicts). In order for those, who are vulnerable and at risk to have access to NGO/Humanitarian services. The pandemic now creates more complications in terms of services provided by NGOs that are put on hold, due to Covid-19 which raises more issues, aside from threats that already exists from the conflict itself.

Latest status of the petition:

  • Global ceasefire call has been supported by; 200 NGOs/2 Million citizens/Pope Francis/Malala.
  • UN Security council fail to agree to back UN Secretary general’s call for a Global Cease Fire.
  • It’s overshadowed by USA & China’s negotiation and tension.
  • USA’s distrust towards WHO and withdrawal of funding is creating difficulties for international cooperation.
  • Progress is still in development.

Sign the petition here: https://secure.avaaz.org/campaign/en/global_ceasefire_loc/

Country example, recent updates for Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC):

  • 139 Civil society organisations in DRC are called for Ceasefire across the country.
  • Civil Society Organisations have put forward the following recommendations, to achieve a complete ceasefire across the whole country.
  • Pressure the governing body of DRC to act upon the ceasefire and implement social and economic strategies to protect the vulnerable.
  • Disarm and disband local and foreign armed groups.