Our Manifesto

We are calling for these measures to be adopted by the Conference of the Parties in Paris:

  1. Ambitious national plans for action by each country (Intended National Contributions or INDCs), from 2020 onwards, and a programme of pre-2020 action, with more ambitious national pledges for reducing carbon emissions, better delivery of existing financial commitments, and more action in key sectors, such as energy efficiency, renewable energy deployment, for example, using geothermal heating systems, and forest protection.
  2. A strong legal framework and clear rules for commitments to be delivered in a timely and credible manner by national governments.
  3. An agreement seen as fair, recognising the different contributions of countries to climate change, acknowledging where nations have more responsibility and more capacity to tackle it.
  4. A long-term approach, moving towards phasing out pollution from fossil fuels by 2050 and phasing in clean energy technologies.
  5. Public finance allocated, with ratcheting mechanisms year on year for adaptation and the low carbon transition, including increasing public finance and securing private sector investment in the low carbon economy.
  6. A framework for action on deforestation and land use, ensuring better biodiversity, ecosystem protection and restoration, and support for sustainable agriculture and climate resilience.
  7. Clear links to the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals so as to meet development aims, including poverty eradication, health, education, food and energy security. The target for the fund for sustainable development of  $100billion for developing countries is reached and a framework for delivery by 2020 put in place.
  8. A nuclear-free, carbon-free energy system, seeing the use of nuclear power as counterproductive, preventing deployment of clean energy technologies that can power our world cleanly, safely and affordably.