Ecumenical Service at the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral, 24 February 2023

An Ecumenical Prayer Service for Peace in Ukraine was held at the Ukrainian Catholic Cathedral of the Holy Family in Exile in Duke Street, London, at 9am on Friday, 24 February 2023, to mark the first anniversary of the Russian invasion.

The service was led by Rt Rev Kenneth Nowakowski, Bishop of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family of London. He was joined by John Wilson, Roman Catholic Archbishop of Southwark, and other faith leaders.

James Somerville-Meikle, Catholic Union Deputy Director, said on Twitter it was an, “extremely moving prayer service” with “461 paper angels representing the children known to have died in the war so far. Peace cannot come soon enough.” #SlavaUkraini

There was also an Ecumenical Memorial Service at 4pm at the Statue of St Volodymyr the Great outside the Ukrainian Institute near Holland Park. This was followed by a march along the Bayswater Road and newly renamed Kyiv Road to the Russian Embassy. Fr Dominic Robinson SJ and Colette Joyce attended on behalf of Westminster Justice & Peace.

Ukraine Appeal Update 20th February 2023

By Iryna Terlecky, Fundraiser, Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB)

This is a difficult and emotional week for us all. 24 February marks 365 days since Russia launched its barbaric invasion of Ukraine and created the worst humanitarian crisis in Europe since the Second World War. But we’ve also experienced 365 days of support and compassion from all those who have helped the people of Ukraine to cope with the trauma of war, to resist and to survive.

This update shows how our partner charity Caritas is using the £100,000 tranche of funding we were able to send a few weeks ago. Our Ukrainian Greek Catholic Bishop, Kenneth Nowakowski, was in Ukraine over the last week and was able to visit the ‘Mudra Sprava’ charity, with whom Caritas partnered to prepare and send food parcels to liberated settlements in northern and eastern Ukraine, often very close to the front lines.

He messaged us to say,
“I am so impressed with the work they are doing. And the VERY brave truck drivers. They take the packages to areas where all of the food stores are closed and those left have absolutely NOTHING. It is not symbolic but truly lifesaving.
…all of the food has been locally sourced, so that the local Ukrainian economy is also being supported.”

Thank you all for your continuing kindness. Together we’re stronger, and together, we make a real difference.

£2,889, 000 has been raised for the Appeal.

Fundraiser for Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain

Bishop Kenneth Nowakowski in Ukraine, February 2023

Ukraine Appeal Update 20th October 2022

By Iryna Terlecky, Fundraiser, Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB)

Today we reached a significant milestone in our Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal … we have now delivered a full £1million to each of our three partner organisations, AICM Ukraine, Caritas Ukraine, and the Ukrainian Red Cross Society, who are all working to relieve the suffering of people in Ukraine!

Fundraiser for Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain

The Ukrainian Catholic Church in the UK & other Ukrainian organisations have set up an appeal to directly support our brothers and sisters displaced by the war in Ukraine. Funds raised go to charities including Caritas Ukraine and Caritas Poland who are working on the ground.

Appeal Update 5th August 2022

This appeal has so far raised over over £2,747,000

By Iryna Terlecky, Team Member

Dear friends

This update is about the work of our partner organisation Caritas Ukraine.

Since the beginning of Russia’s war on Ukraine, the Caritas network of 42 regional centres has provided service for almost 1.4 million people, including emergency water supplies, food and hygiene kits, psychological and social help for children, and has opened 129 shelters for those forced to flee their homes.

These are the words of Iryna, who fled from her home in Chernihiv.

“To save the children’s lives, I took them to Volyn, to the city of Novovolynsk. Frightened, horrified, we got acquainted with Caritas. Its people welcomed as relatives, accepted into their family, warmed and listened to, shared pain and presented with happiness. The camp, which was organized in Svityaz lake for displaced persons, became a real healing for all of us. Caritas found an approach to everyone, words of support, warm hugs, and the opportunity to smile sincerely. Every day of our stay here gave us hope and confidence in a happy future for us and our children, for life in a peaceful Ukraine under a calm sky.”

This is just one example of how your generous donations are helping Caritas to bring essential aid and support to those suffering the consequences of war. But Caritas estimates that at least 29% of people in Ukraine are facing food shortages and difficulties with access to clean water, with over 7 million internally displaced. Millions are living in damaged homes, or in buildings which will not provide sufficient protection from harsh winter conditions. As the winter temperature is predicted to plummet as low as –20 C in parts of the country, this will have a severe impact on millions living in sub-standard conditions or without sufficient access to heating.

Caritas and other partner organisations are scaling up their operations to help now and to prepare for winter. We will continue to support the innocent victims of Russia’s aggression as much as we can and appreciate all the help that you have already given. It really makes a difference!

Donate to Ukraine Emergency Relief through CAFOD

Cardinal Vincent Nichols Calls for immediate cessation of Russian attacks in Ukraine

Cardinal Vincent Nichols has called for an immediate cessation of the Russian attacks in Ukraine and for the protection of innocent civilians. 

In a message following the invasion of Ukraine by Russian forces on 24 February, he writes: ‘I appeal for all to pray for the people of Ukraine, who are suffering the brunt of this conflict. I pray for their strength and perseverance under this onslaught.

‘The international community must unite in seeking an end to this conflict through peaceful means, including dialogue and negotiation, as the only way forward. It is their responsibility to ensure that international law and territorial sovereignty are respected. We must also keep in mind the plight of those who will become refugees as a result of this attack and the humanitarian crisis that will inevitably follow. 

‘In this precarious moment for the people of Ukraine and further across Europe, I pray for  the victims of this conflict and their families. I will be celebrating Mass in Westminster Cathedral at 10am on Sunday for these intentions.’

Prayers for Ukraine in St Peter’s Square, Rome