COP 27, Sharm El-Sheikh, 6-18 November 2022

The eyes of the world are turning towards Sharm El-Sheikh and the delegates who will gather for the next round of climate talks at COP27. Faith communities will be an integral part of the civic action to put pressure on world leaders to solve the climate crisis.

The science is indisputable, the impact of climate change is being experienced now, and levels of concern are high; and yet global emissions continue to rise. Urgent action is required. COP26 was disappointing to many BUT it did bring together more organisations, and more people from different backgrounds, than previous COPs. We want to keep climate and environmental justice at the forefront of the world’s agenda and help make COP27 a success.


“I know that we’re jogging along, showing an interest in climate change – but jogging is not enough. We’ve got to start sprinting at this stage to make sure that we are caring for our common home and our brothers and sisters.”

Guide to COP27

Walk 2 COP27

Walk2COP27 is a virtual journey from Glasgow, Scotland, the host city for COP26, to Sharm El-Sheik, Epypt when the next UN Climate Conference of Parties, COP27, is taking place.

Walk2COP27 starts on 22nd September 2022 and ends on 7th November as COP27 begins.

The journey from Scotland to Egypt will be represented by virtual events in each of the countries on the way. This should help link COP26 to COP27, create the feeling of a journey with a specific route and length, and allow us all to benefit from a better understanding of the differences in challenges faced and solutions deployed in diverse national contexts.

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Walk2COP27 is an opportunity to get people moving wherever they are – a collaborative 45-day journey where participants can track their distances walked, run, cycled or travelled in a wheelchair and interact with communities of like-minded people.

A virtual townhall meeting will be held in each country on the route from Scotland to Egypt. Each meeting will focus on the local climate challenges and solutions and have speakers and panellists from different types of organisations. People can join these gatherings online, or in person.

The 12 countries between the two COP host cities are: Scotland, England, France, Belgium, Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan and Egypt.

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Learning from Walk 2 COP26

“I don’t think we can all do everything, so I think it’s finding what you can do, what’s your favourite thing and what impact you can make and then really trying to work in that area…”

Jessie Stevens, Youth Climate Activist, Devon, People Pedal Power
Watch the video from Walk2COP26 London to Glasgow, 2022