Cycling Pilgrimage to Paris

Justice and Peace are uniting with groups of Christians and of different faiths and backgrounds who want to see an international agreement on the reduction of carbon  emissions at the UN Paris Climate talks in December 2015. To highlight the huge importance of these talks we plan to cycle to Paris to take part in rallies of support for climate justice and to meet other people of faith who want to see a change in our profligate use of fossil fuel.

  • Download a flyer for the event here.

Phase 1 London-Newhaven Aug 29-31st 2015

Phase 2 Dieppe-Paris 1st week in December 2015

How to get involved:

email one of addresses below, with the subject heading:


Give us your full name and say:

  • I want to cycle this route or
  • I want to be a welcomer/supporter or
  • I want to donate to the project or
  • I want to know more about Pray and Fast for the Climate

Westminster RC Diocese

Arundel & Brighton RC Diocese

Southwark RC Diocese

CAFOD Westminster

Pax Christi

And we will keep you posted.