Justice and Peace questions Trident renewal

Fr Joe Ryan’s letter in The Universe of May 15th makes the point, what IS security, as he writes,

Dear Editor
The photo which accompanied the article by Chris Whitehouse in the Universe 8th May 2015 is meant to strike fear into us all!

Yes, nobody argues about defending national security. The problem is, nuclear weapons/ trident does not give us security. If the nuclear “button” is pressed it is fatal disaster for all – no winners, not even so called enemies. We need dialogue, converse, reprimand those who threaten us – it is called peace negotiations! If only a fraction of the cost were put into such a peaceful dialogue, we would be getting somewhere.
Fifty years after the Cuban crisis – who would have seen this peace emerging? The so called ‘folly’ in believing that Trident will keep us safe. We need to listen to other alternatives for lasting peace.

Joe Ryan,
Chair, Westminster Justice and Peace”