Climate Change Lobby!

outside parliament awaiting MP's.

outside parliament awaiting MP’s.

On the eve of Pope Francis much-anticipated Encyclical ‘Laudato Sii (Praised be to you), it seemed rather fitting for us to gather together in Central London yesterday to lobby parliament on the serious issues facing our world. Around 10,000 people gathered in London in a mass lobby of MP’s.

The day kicked off at the Emmanuel Centre where we gathered for a lively and energetic ecumenical service. Bishop Nicholas Holtam, Bishop of Salisbury gave us an inspiring homily and got us all psyched up for a day of lobbying, witness and celebration.

There was the opportunity to meet with MP’s and engage in some serious questions about Climate Change, CO2, Local policy and economy. Through out the afternoon a great deal of dialogue and discussion took place across the streets of London where we all had a chance to meet our own constituency MP.

By 4:00pm the day had taken on a somewhat festival feel. Beautiful art installations were set up in Arch Bishops Park, Lambeth and music could be heard all around as we gathered for our final rally outside parliament. A great day which is sure to have a positive impact on our MP’s. Keep up the pressure!