The Commission welcomes Pope Francis new Encyclical

We at the Justice and Peace Commission of Westminster Diocese are delighted with Pope Francis’s Encyclical message. For many years we have been promoting the fact that we are Stewards of God’s Creation.

This document is a further wake-up call all to all of humanity that we need to take seriously the task put before us. While we look to our leaders, national and international to guide the way, this does not allow us off the hook!

We need to live simply ourselves and then can invite others to do the same.

We need to enlighten ourselves on the technicalities involved. What does it mean to reduce our Carbon Footprint?

How do nations reduce the dependancy on the use of fossil fuels?

We have serious guidelines from Pope Francis. There is no real ‘hiding place’ for those who would wish to deny that Climate Change has nothing to do with us humans or that rise in temperatures or melting ice packs are not exasperated by our activities.

We owe it to ourselves and future gererations, to continue our efforts of living sustainably. We need a new way of thinking about consumerism and the over-use of our earthly resources.

Here’s hoping we can rise to the challenge!

Fr Joe Ryan,
Chair Westminster Justice and Peace Commission

For the full text of the Popes Encyclical please follow the following Link