Two publications just out!

Two Blockbusters from Justice & Peace!

The Paris Diaries – Laudato Si’ Climate Cycling Pilgrimage2Paris

The Paris Diaries is a written and photo account of our epic ride for the UN COP 21 Climate Talks at the end of 2015: who went, why we went, how, and what happened when we got there. It witnesses to our passion for the climate, and provides a tribute to all the fine people, fellow activists for the climate that we met on the way. It celebrates the agreement reached by international leaders, and concludes with a call to expand our efforts for the climate. Fr Joe Ryan concludes, ‘We need to keep vigilant and hold our leaders to account. We all need to play our part. A lot of unpacking, monitoring and action will have to go on in the days ahead’.

40 glossy pages, colour print Price £3 inc postage

Lent Fast, Vegetarian Feast – Go veggie for Lent!

The first modest little step is this cookbook for Lent! We have all read about the huge problems created by our meat-dependent diet: the amount of water and the acres of grain needed for one kilo of beef. We noted that ‘Agriculture is a significant driver of global warming and causes 15% of all greenhouse gas emissions, half of which are from livestock’. But how to change habits of a lifetime? We suggest trying to go veggie at least during part of Lent. Our cyclists and Justice and Peace activists have contributed 40 tried and tested recipes – one for every day of Lent. Our personal commitment really counts.

40 glossy pages, colour print Price £3 inc postage
Order an equal number of each at £5 for 2 from Westminster Justice and Peace, 4 Vincent Road, London N15 3QH or email