Lampedusa Cross Pilgrimage Service at Notre Dame Leicester Square

25.06 – Lampedusa Cross Pilgrimage Service (14:30 – 15:30)
Westminster Justice and Peace is hosting a pilgrimage service with the Lampedusa Cross, made from the wreckage of a refugee boat, at the historic Notre Dame de France Church in Leicester Place. or

A carpenter on the small Italian island of Lampedusa took some wood from a boat that had just brought refugees from Africa and carved some crosses for them to give them hope.  He gave one to Pope Francis on his visit, and now has made them for many throughout the world.  CAFOD has obtained some for our cathedrals and we will hold our pilgrimage service led by one of these crosses during refugee week.  Come and pray this tragic situation which affects us all:  Europeans and new arrivals.  The theme for Refugee Week is Welcome.  Can we  find the space in our hearts to welcome the victims of war and hardship at many of the gateways of Europe?