Westminster Diocese is lowering carbon emissions

Conor Gearty, Lord Stern & Anne Power, 10th March 2016We have been working on climate for years.   Recently we helped to publicise  a meeting at LSE with Lord Nicholas Stern and Conor Gearty about the contribution of Laudato Si.   Now J&P, CAFOD and CARITAS are clubbing together to run some workshops around the diocese.  The diocesan property department has put out a handout on reducing our Environmental Footprint*.      See our poster  with the 3 dates:   24th September in Hitchin, 1st October in Chiswick and 15th October in Kensington.

FINAL Laudato Si Poster

You can also have a look at the diocesan advice on how to green your parish buildings and property, and what to think about if your parish wants solar panels.

*DOW Reducing Environmental Footprint HANDOUT – April 2016

Selecting Solar Panels – final draft (4)

Come along to our workshops and get stuck into cutting the carbon!  The UK Climate Act sets us a target of reducing emissions by 80% by 2050.  What can WE do to help?