April 2017 Events

Wed 29th Mar Solidarity & Remembrance 14.15 As a sign of solidarity and to remember those who lost their lives, Londoners are to come together a week after the attacks. Meet at Park Plaza Hotel, South side of Westminster Bridge organised by Faiths Forum for London

1 to 30 April 20 millisieverts per year: An exhibition about Fukushima. Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, Holborn, London. Contact Conway Hall before visiting as opening hours vary: 020 7405 1818.

Tues 4 April Catholic Worker Vigil for Refugees (every first Tues of the Month)12.30 in front of the Foreign Office, King Charles St: CW We pray for refugees and call for our government to ensure safe passage for refugees.

Wed 12th April Envisioning a post-Brexit future together: an intergenerational dialogue. 6-8.30 pm at St Ethelburghas Centre, 78 Bishopsgate London EC2N 4AG, This participatory dialogue event investigates and challenges our understanding a post-Brexit future together, and explores the call for change in all its guises. We invite participants to join us to listen, share and understand diverse perspectives through a generational lens. For more information contact Claire Chou Doran on 0207 496 1612 or claire.doran@stethelburgas.org

Tues 18th April Catholic Worker Vigil for Refugees (every third Tues of the Month) 12:30pm, by the Home Office, Marsham Street: CW vigil. We pray for refugees and call for our government to ensure safe passage for refugees.

Thurs 20-23 April Global Campaign on Military Spending organised by Pax Christi. A great opportunity to raise the issue of military spending – asking the question, “does it make us safer”. Help others to think about this with a stall in your town centre or church. Highlight the opportunities that are lost when governments spend money on the military rather than on health, education, development, climate change and more…Ideas on how to run stalls here… https://demilitarize.org.uk/day-of-action/top-tips-for-planning-actions/

Fri 21st April Sharing our stories: How can storytelling bring peace? Where discussion and dialogue fail, stories have the power to build bridges between people and ultimately transform even the most complex conflicts. This workshop supports participants to integrate narrative and story-based approaches into the work we are already doing, and adapt responsively to our unique communities. For more information contact Claire Chou Doranon 0207 496 1612 or claire.doran@stethelburgas.org

Tues 25th April Blackamoores and Tudor England- The Untold History of an Influential Era The Library at Willesden Green, 95 High Road, Willesden, London NW10 2SF. To book, visit: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/blackamoores-and-tudor-england

Sun 30th April Shakespeare’s other countryment: Blackamoore wenches’ and Barbary African ‘king children’ in Tudor England. 2-3.15pm Phoenix Cinema – 52 High Road, East Finchley, London N2 9PJ

Mon 15th May International Conscientious Objector’s Day. Events around the country organised by Christian CND. For further information: mail@coproject.org.uk

NOW BOOKING: Annual Justice & Peace Conference 21-23 July 2017
“A Sabbath for the Earth and the Poor: The Challenge of Pope Francis”
Booking forms from NJPN, 39 Eccleston Square, London SW1V 1BX
020 7901 4864   admin@justice-and-peace.org.uk or download here
Some assistance may be possible for families. Please contact NJPN to discuss.