Statement for peace and solidarity with victims and survivors of violence in London, the UK and beyond, during Refugee Week 2017

The Westminster Justice and Peace Commission adds its voice to all those who have condemned the violent events of the last few weeks in London, including the fire at Grenfell Tower, and who have called for peace.  We stand with all those against terrorist attacks and tactics: there is no place for violence in our society.

We commend the generosity of the thousands of ordinary civilians who have helped and are helping those in need, and we are especially grateful for the peaceful actions and dignity of the leaders at Muslim Welfare House in Finsbury Park, in responding to violent aggression.

We further commend the bravery of the civilians who came forward to ward off attacks at the 2 bridges, and to help victims while danger still threatened, as well as the inspiring dedication and courage of the personnel in the emergency services.

To honour all those who have died in these events, we pray for the wisdom to continue to act as peacebuilders, drawing on the courage, generosity, dignity and determination shown by those so closely involved in these tragedies.

We invite all to pray with us in Westminster Cathedral on Friday 23rd June 2017 at 6.30pm in the St Andrew’s Chapel before the Lampedusa Cross, for Refugees, Peace and Solidarity.  We will hold a one-minute silence to remember all those who have recently died in our city and country through violence.

For further information contact Justice and Peace at 0208 888 4222 or

There will also be a talk in the Hinsley Room behind the Cathedral at 7.15pm on Friday 23rd June from the Brothers of St John of God, about their work at Olallo House in Central London, where they care for the sick and destitute with no recourse to public funds.