Lampedusa Cross Prayers at Westminster Cathedral in Refugee Week

Westminster Justice and Peace organised an evening of prayer for refugees, peace and and victims of violence in front of the Lampedusa Cross in Westminster Cathedral on Friday 23rd June to mark Refugee Week.  The Cross is situated permanently in the St Andrew’s side chapel, and is made of wood from the wrecks of boats carrying refugees across the Mediterranean.   Fr John Scott, chaplain of the Cathedral led the prayers,  attended by over 70 people.   Refugees from war, persecution and climate change were remembered, but also those who had suffered from the violent terrorist attacks in the UK.  The congregation was invited to write messages of hope for asylum seekers to be sent through CAFOD to refugee camps in Eastern and Southern Europe.  
The prayers were followed by a talk and discussion with the Brothers of St John of God and staff of Olallo House, a hostel serving asylum seekers, and trafficked people, as well as recovering homeless TB sufferers.  Situated in Central London, Olallo House is above all a safe house, offering safety and hospitality to people without recourse to public funds.