Pilgrimage for Europe Easter 2018

Why a pilgrimage to ‘Europe’?



Reception posts for delivery of clothes and goods for refugees in Calais

We want to visit some of the key places which symbolise themes of justice and peace in Europe, as well as to link up with our Christian partners who share our concerns and who are working towards similar solutions. We do not wish to forget that the European Union was originally a peace project and not an economic one in the first place. We do not deny that Brexit makes our joint collaboration more challenging, but this is not a reason for abandoning contact. We hope ours will be only one of many groups trying to strengthen or renew links with our fellow European Christians.

So we are launching our

Intergenerational European Pilgrimage

April 2nd – April 11th 2018

Where? Why?
Calais– EU Borders and Refugees,
Brussels– Trade and Economics
Strasbourg– EU and Human Rights,
Taize– Reconciliation
Assisi– Care for creation
Rome– Inspiration of Pope Francis
Geneva– the UN and Human Rights

Contact the office for itinerary and application form.  justice@rcdow.org.uk

tel 0208 888 4222

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Download a flyer for the pilgrimage by clicking here