Ash Wednesday Witness

These Angels helped us to demonstrate and protest the links between war, the excessive demands made on the planet’s resources by militarisation, and the current climate emergency.

The annual Ash Wednesday procession through Whitehall Gardens and prayer vigil outside the Ministry of Defence (MoD) took place yesterday. Organised by Pax Christi, Christian CND and the London Catholic Worker –  the message of peace and reconciliation was emphasised with fresh urgency this year by the haunting presence of two ‘Ash Angels’ a performance art project of XR Peace. 

The event began with a liturgy in Embankment Gardens. Water and ashes were blessed by Fr Joe Ryan, former Chair of Westminster Justice and Peace, and distributed ‘as a sign of repentance’ before the group processed to the MoD, led by Theresa Alessandro, director of Pax Christi. Read more…