Laudato Si’ Week 2020 around the world

The Global Catholic Climate Movement has produced a video showing the creative ways in which hundreds of thousands of Catholics on every continent marked their commemorations of Laudato Si’ Week for the fifth anniversary of the encyclical (16-24 May 2020.)

If you look closely you will even see a picture from the UK of a group at Farm Street Church, including our Justice & Peace chair, Fr Dominic Robinson SJ, announcing the divestment of a number of religious organisations from fossil fuels!

The real work has only just begun, though, and Pope Francis now wants us to spend a further year focusing on the message of Laudato Si’ that will help us unite around the international goal of protecting our common home. This will help us prepare to make a significant contribution to the UN Climate Conference COP26, which it has now been announced will take place 1-12 November 2021 in Glasgow.

The next step is to continue with all our individual actions, promises and goal-setting while looking towards the Season of Creation, 1 September – 4 October 2020 as the next significant time set aside for collaborative action.

Get involved!

Season of Creation – Global Catholic Climate Movement Website

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