Press Statement on the scheduled annexation of Palestinian West Bank territory on 1st July 2020

“Westminster Justice & Peace Commission stands with people of the Holy Land in the face of plans for unilateral Israeli annexation of West Bank Palestinian territory, scheduled for 1st July 2020. Our condemnation follows that of the united Church leadership in the Holy Land, the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of England and Wales, and that of the Cardinal Archbishop of Westminster with the Archbishop of Canterbury. Prominent Jewish  members of British society have also expressed alarm at the prospect.

Annexation will all but destroy chances for a negotiated peace, further limiting prospects of establishing a Palestinian state. More violence is likely and  the lives of Palestinians, suffering already under Israeli occupation, will be further degraded.  It will do nothing to enhance Israel’s standing in the world.

The Commission calls on Israel and the United States to respect International Law and existing UN resolutions and to abandon such a reckless plan, in the name of justice and peace.”

Statement on the Annexation from the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales, 24th June 2020