E-Bulletin July 2020

Colette Joyce, Westminster Justice & Peace Co-ordinator, practises for the Caring for Creation Zoom Webinar

For us at the Commission, it has been an important month for conversation and dialogue, as we try and grapple with the ‘new normal’ and reflect on the world we are trying to build as we emerge, tentatively, from coronavirus lockdown measures. What have we learnt to do differently that we want to keep? What do we need to change?

Last week we held a webinar to help parishes and other organisations prepare for the Season of Creation 1st September – 4th October, with people attending from all over the Diocese and beyond. A Zoom recording of the event is available to view on our website, along with a page of resources to get you started. Please let us know about any ideas, reflections and other resources you may have…

Resources for the Season of Creation   

We are also looking forward to our next webinar on racial justice on Friday 24th July, 7.30-8.30pm. Please sign up and join us in reflection on our response as Catholics, individually, as a Diocese and as an international Church:

A Catholic Response to George Floyd and Black Lives Matter

More details for both these events and more can be found in the E-Bulletin. Please download and share.