Anticipating the Pope’s New Encyclical ‘Fratelli tutti’

Here is an excellent 3-minute video report summarising the basic points of Pope Francis’ new encyclical Fratelli tutti, due to be published on 3rd October 2020, the Vigil of the Feast of St Francis of Assisi. The encyclical, it seems, will focus on issues of justice defining the Church’s mission as we emerge from the pandemic. It is expected that the encyclical will consolidate the teaching on solidarity and respect for the earth’s resources which Pope Francis has been delivering during his weekly catecheses at the Papal Audiences this month.

We look forward to using this teaching to help inform and shape our action and reflection throughout the Diocese in the coming months.

The message so far is that the Pope is proposing 3 pillars:

1) Saying no to selfishness
2) Spreading hope
3) Taking action