Vaccine Confidence Webinar – Saturday 27th March 10am

The Diocese of Westminster is working with local authorities to help reassure people about receiving the Covid-19 vaccine.

Covid-19 has raised issues of justice and health inequality in our communities and the Diocese is keen to help parishes address these. As such they are planning a webinar to encourage greater vaccine confidence, especially among Black, Asian and Minority Ethnicity (BAME) communities, through a Webinar on Saturday, 27th March 2021, 10.00 – 11.30am.

The steering group to promote Covid-19 vaccine confidence consists of medical professionals and Catholic clergy from BAME communities who have come together with the aim to share information around health and wellbeing in the context of Covid-19 and vaccines. Bishop Paul McAleenan has written to the Ethnic Chaplaincies, Deans, and to all parish priests, and the communication has been sent out to schools. Caritas Westminster and Westminster Justice and Peace are also involved.

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused dramatic changes in our lives, yet we know that it does not affect people equally. Although most people with the infection might experience only mild illness, some may become very unwell and sadly others may die from it. We know that death rates from Covid-19 are higher for Black and Asian ethnic groups when compared to White ethnic groups. To put this into context, the death rates for Covid-19 in black people are four times that of Caucasians, and Asian people are three times more likely to die than their Caucasian counterparts.

With cases of coronavirus surging, there is need for action to protect ourselves from contracting and spreading the virus. Vaccines are one of the most promising interventions to control infections. We understand that some people may be concerned about getting vaccinated with the new COVID-19 vaccines. The Webinar will help tackle the reasons for hesitancy and build understanding, trust and engagement.

Vaccine Confidence Webinar: Saturday, March 27th 2021, 10.00-11:30am

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Become a Vaccine Confidence Community Champion

The Diocese is also actively looking for Vaccine Confidence Community Champions.

Anyone interested in helping by sharing information with your friends, family and colleagues after the event, can register here:

See Fr Albert Ofere, Parish Priest of Wembley Park, speaking about the Covid vaccine: