Westminster Justice and Peace E-Bulletin May 2021

As we approach a second summer since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, our thoughts are turning frequently to the kind of world into which we will emerge. Among the many opportunities for deeper reflection and action listed in the Diary Dates of the E-Bulletin, you will also find an invitation to attend the next Westminster Social Justice and Peace Forum for sharing and discussion on the world of work. 

Bishop Nicholas Hudson writes:

‘“Life to the full” is the message and aspiration of this Easter time. Human flourishing is at the heart of the Catholic Vision of Work… We seek, in the next Social Justice & Peace Forum, to hold this Catholic Vision of Work in dialogue with our own experience of how work looks to have been altered by these last fourteen months of Pandemic, how we anticipate it looking in the future…  ‘

  We hop you will consider joining us for the discussion on 22nd May!