London Churches Refugee Fund Statement on Afghanistan

The trustees of the London Churches Refugee Fund stand in solidarity with the children, women and men of Afghanistan in their deep trouble.

To those who have managed to escape to Britain, far from home, families and lives broken, struggling to survive in an unfamiliar world: we welcome you, praying that you meet with love and compassion from the British people. We pray also for the families and friends left behind, hungry and afraid, and facing a terrifying future and the threat of violent death. Our hearts go out to them.

Now more than ever all refugees need our help, material assistance and prayers. LCRF recognises that all the refugee charities we support in London will have an additional burden to bear as a result of this unfolding human tragedy. They will stand in ever greater need of our twice-yearly grants to help support those destitute asylum seekers who access their services. And we, in our turn, pledge to do all we can to help them.