Hope for Troubled Times

Blog by Amy Smith, Westminster Justice and Peace Communications Volunteer

As we approach Easter 2022 we are living through very challenging times. The world faces a war in the heart of Europe instigated by an unjust aggressor; which is destroying countless innocent lives and raising the threat of nuclear war. Here, at home, we are facing a host of other challenges including economic insecurity and climate change, with their potential long term consequences haunting our future. The poor and vulnerable across the world will likely suffer the worst consequences. After witnessing so much suffering or being directly affected, where can we find hope during this Easter season?

Perhaps there are some similarities between the Easter story and these troubled times. Jesus was executed by those in power as his words and actions were seen as a threat to their leadership. It is through His resurrection that God embraces the suffering and trials of our existence and the brokenness of our world. He showed that the love of God can overcome the powers of sin and death. He was not defeated but triumphed over the oppressive powers that nailed him to the cross. His death demonstrates the difference between God and earthly power. Jesus isn’t indifferent to our pain, he suffers with us, His love for us is so strong that he became one of us even experiencing his own torture and execution. During these difficult times we can place our hope and trust in the risen Christ.