New Welcome Centre website to assist Ukrainians arriving in UK

The Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of the Holy Family of London, in partnership with the Association of Ukrainians in Great Britain (AUGB), have launched a website for the new Ukrainian Welcome Centre to help Ukrainians arriving in the UK.

This is a first step in providing virtual support and resources to help Ukrainians displaced by Russia’s war against their homeland, as well as their sponsors and staff of supporting organisations to access key services and up-to-date information and help. People will be able to access online resources and information, all in one place, to get support and help on such matters as healthcare, employment, housing, education, etc. The service is in Ukrainian and English.

We also plan to open a hub in central London in the coming weeks.

Bishop Kenneth Nowakowski of the Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy said: “As the invasion of Ukraine has displaced many Ukrainian citizens and the UK has opened its doors, along with our partners we are launching his initiative to help Ukrainians during what is a most difficult time. The UK has a significant Ukrainian community who are looking forward to helping those settling in the UK to access crucial services to feel connected, have a sense of community and to thrive.”

Under the Ukraine Family Scheme and the Ukraine Sponsorship Scheme 71,800 visas have been granted to Ukrainian refugees and so far around 21,600 Ukrainians have settled in the UK.

To visit the website, please go to:

If you would like to support the initiative or have any queries, please contact

Update on the Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal

From Anna Dezyk, Organiser, 23 April 2022

This weekend, Eastern Rite and Orthodox Christian Ukrainians all over the world are celebrating Easter according to the Julian calendar. It should be a time of joy, but Russia’s war has displaced millions in Ukraine and left towns, cities and families brutally destroyed. Our partner organisation Caritas continues to work to provide comfort to thousands at this special time. Ukrainian Easter bread (paska) is a powerful talisman of hope and health. Caritas in Ternopil has distributed thousands of Easter breads and food parcels to those in need, including those displaced by war who have found safety there. Caritas in Zaporizhia is caring for hundreds who have managed to flee the destruction of Mariupol, where the Caritas hub was itself destroyed and two Caritas workers tragically lost their lives.

At this Easter time, we thank you all for your donations, which are helping to make a real difference on the ground in Ukraine.

£2,567,000 raised so far – Help Ukraine Emergency Appeal