Prayers of Intercession for Refugee Week

These prayers were said today outside the Home Office on Marsham Street, London.

  1. We pray for the thousands of men, women and children, known and unknown, who set out to seek safety and a better life in Europe, but who were drowned in the Mediterranean, the Aegean Sea or the English Channel, or whose lives were cut short when they met with hostility or violence.   O Lord hear our prayerResponse        And let our cry come unto you
  2. We pray  today for all those fleeing the brutal war on Ukrainian cities.  May they speedily find  places of safety and security in our country and in our hearts.   O Lord hear our prayer, Response        And let our cry come unto you
  3. We pray for all those seeking sanctuary in the UK who depend on the UK adhering to the European Convention for Human Rights, and pray that our government will respect the agreement that we helped to draw up over 70 years ago.  O Lord hear our prayer   Response        And let our cry come unto you.  
  4. We pray for the former residents of the camp in Calais and for those who remain there. We pray for protection of all people in refugee camps and the communities they build.   O Lord hear our prayer  Response        And let our cry come unto you
  5. We pray for the refugees arriving in the UK and ending up in the former military barracks and camps, or those placed in detention at arrival. We pray for their mental and physical wellbeing and for their right to decent housing. O Lord hear our prayer    Response  
  6. For the comfort of all who have lost loved ones in the course of fleeing from their home country, or who have had to experience the trauma of watching others die.  O Lord hear our prayer   Response     
  7. For a resolution to the conflicts which are forcing so many to flee in desperation and we pray in particular for the people of Yemen, Syria, Palestine, Afghanistan, Eritrea, Iraq, Somalia, Congo and Sudan.  O Lord hear our prayer Response
  8. We pray for the staff and volunteers from the Rescue Ships, and the Alarm Phone. We think on the people serving on board of the See Eye, the reception teams on the Greek and Italian islands.    O Lord hear our prayer Response       
  9. We pray for the continuing humanity of the Royal National Lifeboat Institute and the UK Border Force, who refuse, despite government orders, to ignore the plight of those at risk of drowning at sea.    O Lord hear our prayer Response
  10. We pray for the continuing humanity of the Civil Service Unions, who resist the proposals to send those seeking sanctuary to holding centres in Rwanda. O Lord hear our prayer,  Response
  11. For an end to the arms trade and militarism that aggravate and sponsor these conflicts.  O Lord hear our prayer   Response       
  12. For an end to the economic exploitation of people, and the earth which causes poverty and displacementOh Lord hear our prayer  Response  
  13. For the strength and resilience of all citizens to resist unjust immigration laws and to support one another in this struggle.  Oh Lord hear our prayer  Response  
  14. In thanksgiving for the efforts of all who are working to rescue and welcome refugees arriving in Europe and for all who struggle for justice.  Oh Lord hear our prayer   Response  

Next Prayer Vigil

Monday 18th July, 12.30-1.30pm: Prayer Vigil outside the Home Office with Westminster Justice & Peace and London Catholic Worker to pray for migrants seeking safe passage to the UK. Contact Barbara Kentish (J & P)