Support Notre Dame Refugee Centre on the London Legal Walk

The London Legal Walk supports over 100 organisations in London and the South East each year, helping them provide more free and pro bono legal advice.

Barbara Kentish, well known to Westminster Justice & Peace as our former Fieldworker, is one of the trustees of the Notre Dame Refugee Centre and she will be joining other walkers from the Centre on Tuesday 28th June to raise funds to maintain their frontline free legal advice services.

They are walking with the Lord Chief Justice and thousands of lawyers to raise funds to ensure that there is access to justice for all.

The team is: Shaku Williams, Ines Ignasse, Alice Chalkey, Alice Goeh, Brian Mitchell, Pascal Boidin, Richard Kuhn, Anne-Lise Gaillac, Benjamin Dieu, Elliot Dieu, Barbara Kentish, Vera O’Shea, Viv Parker, Rebecca Kirk, Philippe Lespinard, Hubert Bonnet-Eymard, Etienne Rougier, Nadine Carle-Edgar, Violaine Oustry and Elizabeth Millar.

Barbara writes:

Our centre, which opens onto Leicester Square, was started by the French Church 20 years ago and does a great job in getting refugees their papers.  The advice team somehow cuts through lots of Home Office red tape to get Leave to Remain for 100s of people.  As one person said, there are lots of small charities offering help to refugees, but not if they are in Rwanda!

To support Barbara and the Notre Dame Refugee Centre Team visit
London Legal Support Trust – London Legal Walk 2022

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