J&P Youth News – October

The following is an archive copy of the J&P Youth Newsletter for the month of October.

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Hello, and welcome to this inaugural news brief on Justice and Peace youth activity in the Westminster Diocese!

Inevitably I’m going to leave a lot of things out by accident! So please reply with any details of events, contacts, etc. that might be J&P related, and I will add them to a future newsletter.
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[[From the Commission]]
With the kind assistance of many people on this mailing list, I have been slowly but surely crafting a set of resources aimed at young leaders, chaplains, and teachers. They include a four-session startup series for new or year-beginning Justice and Peace groups which includes prayers, discussions, and activities. We’re trying to make it accessible for a wide variety of J&P groups and it’s still under development. But please have a look, give us your feedback, and let us know if there are other resources that you might want. https://westminsterjp.wordpress.com/resources/ 
With CAFOD and Caritas Westminster, we are co-hosting a workshop entitled Laudato Si’ and Care for Creation – Where Next? on October 1st in Chiswick and replayed on October 15th in Kensington. The workshops will highlight some of the activities parishes in the Diocese can enjoin to help protect our environment and fight climate change. Suitable for all ages. https://www.facebook.com/westminjp/events
Looking further afield, we’re looking to host an afternoon of discussion, debate, and witness on the theme of the Israel-Palestine conflict, sometime in late February or early March. We’re very keen on getting young people involved to listen to their voice and give them the chance to engage in one of the most important civil rights debates of our time. Further updates to come, and please let me know if you have any suggestions for speakers and topics.
We published two articles in the Westminster Record this month, including one on J&P at World Youth Day Krakow; pick up a copy at your local parish or read here (page 12):
We recently took a Youth Survey to try and gauge youth J&P activity and interests in the Diocese and beyond. See https://westminsterjp.wordpress.com/category/news/
[[From the Top]]
The Pope’s September video features an inspiring message on solidarity and responsibility in business. Very easily understood by young people, these simple videos convey some powerful messages and are almost invariably on a J&P theme:

It was announced that the Vatican Justice and Peace Department will be rolled into a new “Dicastery for Promoting Integral Human Development” with new powers and responsibilities: http://www.thetablet.co.uk/news/6059/0/pope-francis-announces-new-social-justice-department
The DOCAT was released during World Youth Day and contains (nearly!) all the Church’s current teachings on social justice in bite-sized but theologically strong language. Aimed at young people, it also contains important new information for all ages on internet safety, the refugee crisis, and other contemporary issues, embellished with fantastic quotes from philosophers, theologians, and inspiring figures from history. You can buy it from CTS or download the app for Android or IOS:
[[Around the Diocese]]
Caritas Westminster is organising two more trips to Calais before the end of the year. You can donate goods via the St. Joseph’s Pastoral Centre in Hendon. See their website for more info and a list of items they are looking to acquire: http://rcdow.org.uk/caritas
Pray and Fast for the Climate and the Global Catholic Climate Movement, among others, have stepped up their activities for Climate Season. Faithful of all ages can join in with a quick prayer or find a prayer group around London to help support Pope Francis and climate campaigners worldwide. Many of the events are ecumenical or interfaith, which can make them very accessible for school groups:
Have a look round the Diocese of Westminster Youth Ministry‘s website for more youth events and regular gatherings:
Thanks for reading! If you’d like to share a London-area youth event or news item on a J&P theme, drop me a line and I’ll pass it around in a future newsletter!


<3 and blessings,


Edmund T. Dean
RCDOW J&P Youth Worker