Laudato Si’ Toolkit

Following from our Laudato Si’ and Care of Creation – Where Next? workshops, we’ve put together this set of resources for parishes and groups wishing to review some of the content of those workshops, or maybe take things a bit further.

You can download the items individually below, or download the entire pack in an archive.

  • What Do We See? (PowerPoint) (CAFOD Westminster)
    The CAFOD “See” presentation from the workshops.
  • Judge: Climate and Faith (PowerPoint)
    The Westminster Justice and Peace “Judge” presentation from the workshops.
  • Act: How do we Respond? (pdf) (Caritas Westminster)
    The Caritas “Act” presentation from the workshops.
  • Reducing Your Environmental Footprint (pdf) (RCDOW)
    The Diocese of Westminster handbook for reducing parish waste and managing resources.
  • Followup Pointers (Word document) (CAFOD / ColumbansUK)
    If you would like your parish to take action to fight climate change, these eight simple tasks will put you on the right path.
  • The Universe Story – Cosmic Walk (pdf)
    Take a journey through the history of the universe and our planet, accompanied by prayer and contemplation; a fantastic way of promoting climate responsibility through liturgy.