Churches invited to support Climate action by ‘Extinction Rebellion’ during Holy Week

Fr Martin Newell alerted Westminster Justice and Peace to the need for accommodation for climate protesters from 14th to 21st April 2019 in London, when up to 5000 people will protest about lack of action by our government on climate change.  A sense of urgency is building.  Students are turning out on Fridays to protest.  David Attenborough, probably one of THE world authorities on the threat of bio-extinction,  is addressing President Trump about the action needed.  But we too can do small things, and Justice and Peace tries to ‘do its bit’.  Here is a chance for our parishes to do a bit too! Read below how your parish can offer accommodation to the Extinction Rebellion movement:

1542661397Pw36rqsyokWKj5TB2YtCdalImNEQ7A (3)Extinction Rebellion blocks Blackfriars Bridge in October 2018.  Ruth Jarman from Green Christian at microphone.


I’m writing on behalf of the climate change campaigning organisation “Extinction Rebellion”
(XR) , which you may have heard of.
They are organising more protests in April, and are looking for church halls and other accommodation for ‘indoor camping’ from April 14th for a week, for protesters who will be staying in London for up to a whole week. (I do realise this will be Holy Week – not good timing)
Overall, they are expecting 1,000’s of people to take part.
I received the details below about they are looking for and what they can offer:
“1) Confirming what XR are looking for in terms of accommodation.
We are primarily looking for large indoor spaces – church halls are perfect – anywhere in London.  It doesn’t need to be super close to Zone 1, but I think we do need spaces that are suitable for indoor camping.
The ideal we’re looking for is spaces we’d be able to use 24/7 , but use of halls during the night or day would still be very useful (for example, a group might be out all night, so could usefully camp in a certain hall the following day).  Night access-only would be brilliant too.
2) What XR would offer: We would make sure members of our well being and stewarding team are on shift at all times to ensure the safety of members and also to look after the space.
These spaces won’t be ‘free-for-alls’ but allocated to specific local groups from around the country – people who already know and trust each other.  This is also a way of making sure maximum capacity isn’t exceeded.
We don’t really have much budget but I’d be very happy to talk about deposits/contracts etc.”
3) Questions and Contacts: 
To get in touch with their accommodation co-ordinator, please contact:
Thomas Lloyd:
Or, if you have questions I could answer, feel free to contact me.
As well as email, my phone numbers are:
0121 772 7933 / 07985 728 464
4) Extinction Rebellion
All the above, and more information about XR, is in the attached Word doc, for ease of use.
As I say, I do realise this will be Holy Week, and as such is not good timing from a church point of view. But if there is a possibility your parish or community could help, we would all be very grateful. And please do feel free to get in touch if you have any question etc.
with thanks
Martin Newell
Austin SmithHouse, 96 Ivor Road, Sparkhill, Birmingham B11 4NX
Tel: 0121 772 7933
Twitter: @jesuxpipassio